Harrison Mixbus

Harrison Release Mixbus 2.0

Harrison Consoles have a long history of making real life desks, so they ought to know a thing or two about the advantages they have in a mix.

Harrison’s custom DSP algorithms emulate its hardware mixers

More recently, however, they entered the digital domain with a concept that comes from a slightly different angle to its competitors, and it’s just been given a 2.0 overhaul. The Harrison Mixbus 2.0 is a DAW whose main focus is on tracking or importing audio into its sequencer and then mixing down almost totally in the box by taking advantage of Harrison’s custom DSP algorithms which emulate its hardware mixers. A knob per control interface gives the software the look and feel of an analogue mixer, and features inline Harrison designed EQ, filters and compressors per channel, with analogue summing and tape saturation emulation. There’s also the facility to load in AU or LADSPA plugins – that’s right, there’s a Mac and even a Linux build, but no Windows version.

The most important thing, of course, is how it sounds – something we’re keen to find out ourselves soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled as Oh Drat brings you the lowdown soon.

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