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Oh Drat Podcast April/May 2011

The April/May Podcast is so called because rather than keep the podcast at the end of the month, a place it’s slipped to over the past six, I’d rather flip it back to the beginning… so the June Podcast will actually come out at the start of June. Other than the name, this month’s Oh Drat Podcast is more of the same eclectic blend of soul, jazz, hip hop and electronica – enjoy!

1. 6Fingers (Drums n Ammo) – Aw Yeah
2. Cyrus Malachi – Concrete Flowers
3. Ryan Hemsworth – Someone to Make You Crazy
4. The Rests – The Tumbler
5. Lund Quartet – Tullipan
6. Hocus Pocus – Piece No 14
7. Cherri Prince – Misery
8. Mute Speaker – Green Bean Soup ft Ree
9. Nocow – Close to Me

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Oh Drat Podcast April/May 2011 by Oh Drat on Mixcloud

Cyrus Malachi - Ancient Future

Cyrus Malachi – Ancient Future

Malachi’s relentless flow style is evident on this 20 track saga, combining retelling and prophesy over a British take on the darker side to east coast US boom bap  from Chemo, Endemic, Beat Butcha and more.

Malachi’s relentless flow style is evident on a 20 track saga

A huge list of guests – M9, Letia Larok, Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7, June Megalodon, Ruste Juxx, Darkim Be Allah, Killa Sha, Kyza Smirnoff, Iron Braydz and Cipher Jewels – feature on this unashamedly bleak offering, which at the same time has glints of light and softness. At times it feels as though the same subject matter is dwelled on more times than it can cope with; the LP would probably benefit from some trimming.

For fans of the grittier side of hip hop, though, this is a solid offering. Multiple listens are rewarded with hearing new ideas and points, an increasingly rare virtue of emcees nowadays.

Jon Phonics 'Half Past Calm 2'

Jon Phonics – Raw Ingredients

Jon Phonics’ Half Past Calm 2 LP dropped this Summer filled with bangers, and this track, which features Jehst and Cyrus Malachi, was one of the standouts. Fierce drums and stark, hammer horror-esque chords provide the ominous sounding backdrop to Malachi and Jehsts’ dominating flows, and a video has just been released to further drag you into the darkness – literally.

Fierce drums and stark, horror movie-esque chords provide the ominous sounding backdrop to Malachi and Jehsts’ dominating flows

Splicing between shots of a pulsing light bulb which seems to act as a conduit for the ferocious energy of the track and an interior scene showing the team preparing a very special product – the limited run screen printed CD of Half Past Calm 2, black and white never felt more fitting a choice of film.

Half Past Calm 2 is available for purchase from YNR as download or limited screen pressed CD.

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