Free Analogue Synth Samples, Free In-Browser Modular Synth, 33% Ableton Discount!

Two more freebies for your music making pleasure and a hefty discount off any Ableton product – if you’re quick! Continue Reading

Free Sugarbytes Cyclop Presets

We’ve been testing Cyclop, Sugarbytes’s latest bassline synth for a few days now – expect a review very soon! Until then, have a few of the presets we’ve made while testing…

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Free Analogue Bass Samples, Free Ableton Instrument, Reason Rack Extensions Promo!

This week get free Korg analogue bass samples, a free Ableton FX instrument, and get excited about Reason Rack Extensions! Continue Reading

Free Reason Combinator for Automatic Dynamic Toplines – Seasoning Lite

This week we have another free download for you guys – enjoy!

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Mad Opal – Money Bubble

We’re not sure whether we’re missing a clever allegory slotted into Money Bubble and its tracks, but we’re certainly not missing the bounce… Continue Reading

Free Ableton Live Rack – Future, the Garage, Beats, and Bass Music Drumkit

Today we’ve got a really cool free download for Ableton Live – a drum rack filled with completely original, professional quality samples and a heap of technical behind the scenes type routing that will enable you to sound absolutely fantastic without having to do anything (except use it to make cool patterns, of course!). It’s designed for an eclectic slice of electronic musicians, and sounds fantastic for future garage, bass music, beats, and so on. It’s called Future; check out a few demos below, all of which were made solely with Future! Continue Reading

Get a Unique Sound By Beatboxing, and Spice it Up with Free Plugins!

In your hunt for new sounds, you may have missed out the most unique of all: Your own voice! Continue Reading

Kwesachu Volume 2

Back in 2009, two relative unknowns made a mixtape that quietly cemented their statuses as Very Important People in music. Three years later, with numerous releases and accolades under their belt, Kwes and Micachu present Kwesachu Volume 2, the followup.

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Free Reason Dubstep Combinator – Brobass

If you liked the sound of the synth in last week’s Pocket Tip on modulation shapes, you’re in for a treat…

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