The Questions: Untold

London UK’s Jack Dunning, better known as Untold, is a relentlessly brave producer, whose willingness to throw musical curveballs results in exciting and sometimes innovative music (for conclusive proof, check the 2009 scorcher Anaconda at the bottom of the page). In between music, running his own label Hemlock Recordings, and a brand new collaboration in the works, we got Untold to drop some wisdom on The Questions…

Name: Untold

“You’re only as good as your last record” Untold

The name of the first song i was really proud of was called: “Test Signal” on my first Hessle Audio release in 2008

Most fun person i’ve ever worked with: Samuel Chase - The singer I’m writing with on my side project “Dreadnought” He’s probably the most infuriating person I’ve ever worked with too.

Best musical advice i’ve ever been given: You’re only as good as your last record.

A piece of gear i couldn’t live without: SSL Duende plugins

A piece of gear i wish i could live without: My K701 headphones when I have to turn the volume down late at night.

My studio environment in three words: Standard nerd cave

A song i wish i’d written:  Dillinja – Silver Blade

If i could do it all again, I’d: Do less remixes

Untold: Twitter / Facebook

Check out the highly individual Anaconda below, and those of you who want to get inside the sounds of Untold can do just that if you own NI’s Massive, with his new DnB/Dubstep Presets Loopmasters pack.

Mo Kolours - Drum Talking

Mo Kolours – Drum Talking

Reminiscent in ways, to my ear at least, of Madlib and ?uestlove’s more afrobeat focused production styles, Drum Talking is the debut EP from Mo Kolours. An involving soundscape, comprised largely of interesting percussion and voices as instruments, simple mantras, and a melting pot of production styles that hint at afrobeat, dub, funk, house, and flickers of more besides, there’s a an at once crisp and tender sound to the EP.

production styles that hint at afrobeat, dub, funk, house, and flickers of more besides

Mo Kolours’s vocals are both soothing and mysterious, and the limited vinyl run is is hopefully an idea that he will turn into an ongoing feature of his work.

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