Filastine – Gendjer2

I have to admit that prior to getting put onto this track, I hadn’t heard of Filastine, but now I’m definitely a fan. A standout characteristic of the man’s style, especially evident in Gendjer2, is a convincing marriage of traditional acoustic instruments and modern electronic sounds, the two elements working in harmony rather than – as is so often the case – fighting each other for the limelight. 

Gendjer2 is a worthy reminder that there’s more to production than tearing synths and more to song structure than figuring out ways to get to the ‘drop’, and so our recommendation for the day is to take a leaf from Filastine’s book and use some more acoustic sounds in your productions…

Gendjer2 is taken from Filastine’s latest album £OOT, which you can get from iTunes here.


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