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Colonel Red – Rain a Fall Remix Contest

We’re big fans of Tokyo Dawn Records, a label that spills out at the seams with funk, soul, and boogie talent.

Tokyo Dawn have decided to offer up the vocal stems to Rain A Fall for a remix competition

Stable regular Colonel Red’s latest album Keep Walkin’ is packed with inventive, inspired neo soul, and the label have decided to offer up the vocal stems for Rain A Fall – a classy melting pot of jazz, g funk and r&b – for a remix competition. Entries don’t have to be in until the very end of the year, and winners will be picked for a TDR released remix LP along with prizes and a chance to work with Red on an original track. Give it a go by downloading the stems from here!
Colonel Red – Rain A Fall by Tokyo Dawn Records


Supraphonics – Supraphonics

Classical, sun soaked instrumental funk and soul music seems to more or less something that is only heard in the 70s sections of record stores or in the hands of covers bands.

would – or should – you sample this?

So, it’s with a not inconsiderable amount of surprise that we came across this self titled album comprising solely of instrumental music from Supraphonics, a Portland based funk band. For a moment we wrestled with whether the question of whether or not the Supraphonics sound was a little pastiche, before pulling ourselves together and remembering all the unashamed genre music that we’ve been happy to lap up from more electronic climes. That question made way for another, then; would – or should – you sample this? One one hand it’s barely finished gestating (and Chris’s ‘vinyl only’ self imposed rule precludes him from even considering it), but on the other, if there’s inspiration what’s to really stop you? After all, a genuine J Dilla classic, Busta Rhyme’s Show Me What You Got, sampled Stereolab’s Come Play in the Milky Night mere months after its release.

What do you think?


Mo Kolours - Drum Talking

Mo Kolours – Drum Talking

Reminiscent in ways, to my ear at least, of Madlib and ?uestlove’s more afrobeat focused production styles, Drum Talking is the debut EP from Mo Kolours. An involving soundscape, comprised largely of interesting percussion and voices as instruments, simple mantras, and a melting pot of production styles that hint at afrobeat, dub, funk, house, and flickers of more besides, there’s a an at once crisp and tender sound to the EP.

production styles that hint at afrobeat, dub, funk, house, and flickers of more besides

Mo Kolours’s vocals are both soothing and mysterious, and the limited vinyl run is is hopefully an idea that he will turn into an ongoing feature of his work.

Ahang Rooz - Collections

Ahang Rooz – Collections

I urge you to listen to all three collections of song snippets from Ahang Rooz – all on their Bandcamp. The collections here are a fascinating look into the music of 1960s and 1970s Iran and Afghanistan, ranging from straight up American styled funk and soul to pieces melding the jazz, soul, funk and psychedelic influences the west undeniably provided with local instrumentation, styles, and vocals.

there’s ample inspiration in these collections

Both sides of the coin have incredible moments, and there’s ample inspiration in these collections. Inspiration accompanied by the¬†sobering reality that artistic expression is still illegal in Iran and Afghanistan, making these collections all the more important a document of the nations’¬†artistic heritage …


Black Einstein – Whatever Happened to Major Tom?

Black Einstein’s Whatever Happened To Major Tom? is an eclectic EP, its moniker a nod to David Bowie, whom Black Einstein is inspired by and whose music he borrows samples from for the tracks within it. There is an excellent, and diverse, cast of artists in the features; Mystro, Maseo from De La Soul, Xavier Barnett, and Miss Baby Sol are all included.

There is an excellent, and diverse, cast of artists in the features; Mystro, Maseo from De La Soul, Xavier Barnett, and Miss Baby Sol are all included

Soundscapes range from the vast, cosmic call of Arabia featuring Mystro and Maseo and Common Ground featuring Miss Baby Sol, to the angry, crunchy guitar-led Glass Ceiling in which Mystro takes us on one of his tall tales, with the soulful tones of Xavier Barnett on the latin soul of Fascination and the bumpy funk of It Ain’t Easy providing counter balance.
Every track on this EP is worth a listen, and showcases the versatility of Black Einstein’s production talent.


DJ Wax On – Good Times Vol 2

There’s always time for a soul excursion, and you can always trust DJ Wax On to bring the heat. Good Times Vol 2 is a luscious mix of 60s and 70s soul and some jazz with a tinge of funk. Sample spotters will be giving each other knowing nods, and Wax’s deft deck skills combine with his crates of dusty records to create a free mix that’s well worth a download…

Don’t forget to get over to for more mixes and stellar production by the man himself.

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