Get a More Analogue Sound From Your Software Synths

Do you want your software to sound more like a classic analogue synth? Let’s look at a cool technique to help you achieve it…

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Pre Fader VS Post Fader Aux Channel Send & Return

Send and return channels are super handy for a lot of things, but do you know the difference between pre and post fader and what each is handy for?

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LFO and Modulation Shapes

This week’s Pocket Tip focuses on the different kinds of sounds you can get from changing the shape of your LFO or other modulation automator. Continue Reading


OD101: Get Started Making Music at Home Free!

It’s here! As a gift to all our members, OD101: a Free Foundation Course to Help You Begin Your Quest to Make Music at HomeĀ is now available for free download! Continue Reading

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