Jaetriks - EP

Jaetriks – EP

There’s something very beautiful about the melting pot of sound that is Jaetriks’ self titled EP. From the sound of blunt, chip tune like synthesised waveforms to vibrant, acoustic sounds of flute and saxophone, the hints of traditional Japanese and Indian music juxtaposed with jazz, Jaetriks’ EP never stays in one spot for too long.

Jaetriks’ EP never stays in one spot for too long.

When it does, it’s got the familiar sound of the Beat Scene tying it all together, and whilst those are the more generic of the EP’s moments, they have a cohering effect on the breadth of material on offer – and it’s done well, too, from the drum patterns, which at times are so wonky they feel as though they’re going to fall apart and derail the entire track, to the chorded synths and subtle, pitched vocals.

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