Jeeruff - For Your Love

Jeeruff – For Your Love

Genre in electronic music is a progressively delicate ideal. With the constant, relentless forward pace of our broadband enabled lives, burgeoning moods and flickers of ideas are pounded to their logical conclusion with exponential brevity.

bounding sub bass, skippy, high pitched percussion and ripples of filtered orchestration pan the arrangement

There’s an irony to the way that the more recognisable a genre’s characteristics become, the less relevant it is; a series of cultural zeitgeists, chasing each other in ever decreasing circles.

Admittedly not the most succinct introduction, but this Stevie Wonder remix is unmistakably future garage, one of the prevailing sounds from the fallout of the populist dubstep implosion. A bounding sub bass, skippy, high pitched percussion, ripples of filtered orchestration panning the arrangement, and the reverb soaked vocal combine and confirm it – and this is a polished example.

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