John 00 Fleming

The Questions: John 00 Fleming

This week’s installment of The Questions sees John 00 Fleming, a trance legend, cutting his teeth on our little selection. JOOF has over 20 years experience in the business, but is only just releasing his first self produced LP Nine Lives. A DJ first, producer second, Fleming’s sound is serious, progressive, and dance floor oriented – listen to the JOOF Editions Volume 1 mixtape below to get a better idea of the John 00 Fleming sound…

Name: John 00 Fleming

Most fun person I’ve ever worked with: The Digital Blonde. I never want him to grow up

Best musical advice I’ve ever been given: Twiddle these knobs to make the sound you want.

A piece of gear I couldn’t live without: Dynaudio BMA6s monitors they are my honest ears

A piece of gear I wish I could live without: Dynaudio BMA6s, they are just too honest.

My studio environment in three words: Where’d the day go.

A song I wish I’d written: Trifonic ‘ Parks on fire’

If I could do it all again, I’d: Used ear plugs more…. dam tinnitus:(

John 00 Fleming: Site / Twitter / Facebook

Global Trance Grooves celebrates it’s landmark 100th Edition! John 00 Fleming 2-Hour mix by john00fleming

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