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Today’s visit to The Questions is from Lynx, a Drum & Bass producer whose new album Devil’s in the Detail is out on his own label Detail Recordings. The album itself – at least what we’ve heard thus far – is an interesting piece of work both rhythmically and thematically; check out the 6/8 time signature (a rarity in a sea of 4/4) Burn, below, and look out for the interesting half time and leftfield construction of Time Machine and Without Warning. A forthcoming Loopmasters sound pack will allow you to deconstruct Lynx’s thought processes and production style to see what inspiration you can get from him – for now, read on…

The name of the first song I was really proud of was called: Underdogs Revenge…I wrote it back in 1999. I thought it was an absolute dnb hit. It never did get released but still sounds pretty good to me.

Ignorance is bliss…. And im sure it would produce either the most exciting (or bonkers) music out there!

Most fun person I’ve ever worked with: So many cool collaborations. I enjoyed working with Kemo on tracks like Global Enemies and Apocalypse. Also Calibre is a great person to collab with. But for most fun it has to be my old friend Dave (Aphex) who is sadly not with us anymore. It was always great fun writing with him back in the 90′s. He was also the person that hepled me start writing music so it will always have special memories.

Best musical advice I’ve ever been given: Be yourself.

A piece of gear I couldn’t live without: Cubase. Other sequencer are great but im so in tune with Cubase its really at the core of everything i do.

A piece of gear I wish I could live without: Edirol Orchestral VST instrument. Its such a cool piece of kit that emulates Orchestral instruments. I wish i could stop putting it in my tunes but i cant! It has such an instantly pleasing tone to it that it slots in so nicely in the mix on any style of music.

My studio environment in three words: Dark, loud intense.

A song I wish I’d written: Watching You by Instr:umental & dBridge

If I could do it all again, I’d: Lock myself away and never listen to other music, just write what comes out with no preconceived notion if how it ‘should’ sound, or the pressure to follow the latest trends. Ignorance is bliss…. And im sure it would produce either the most exciting (or bonkers) music out there!

Lynx: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

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