Cyrus Malachi - Ancient Future

Cyrus Malachi – Ancient Future

Malachi’s relentless flow style is evident on this 20 track saga, combining retelling and prophesy over a British take on the darker side to east coast US boom bapĀ  from Chemo, Endemic, Beat Butcha and more.

Malachi’s relentless flow style is evident on a 20 track saga

A huge list of guests – M9, Letia Larok, Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7, June Megalodon, Ruste Juxx, Darkim Be Allah, Killa Sha, Kyza Smirnoff, Iron Braydz and Cipher Jewels – feature on this unashamedly bleak offering, which at the same time has glints of light and softness. At times it feels as though the same subject matter is dwelled on more times than it can cope with; the LP would probably benefit from some trimming.

For fans of the grittier side of hip hop, though, this is a solid offering. Multiple listens are rewarded with hearing new ideas and points, an increasingly rare virtue of emcees nowadays.

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