Maschine Mikro

Video: Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Review

Maschine Mikro is the little brother to Maschine;  the software’s the same, but the hardware and price have both been slashed. I’ve been giving it a fair trial and here’s the video lowdown of the Oh Drat verdict. Text and photography to follow soon!

Maschine Mikro and iMaschine

Native Instruments Announce Maschine Mikro and iMaschine

We saw one of these coming, but not the other. NI have just announced their latest new hardware: Maschine Mikro. Maschine Mikro is a miniature version of Maschine, which retains full sized pads but appears to augment the original’s functionality with dual colour LEDs, judging by the blue glow in the promo pics, and a single screen.

Maschine Mikro could be something special

It looks like it could be perfect for one of the use cases Maschine is increasingly moving towards – a hands on way to augment your DAW experience. What with Maschine 1.7′s Komplete 8 integration and the fact that it still has the best direct sampling function on any software, Maschine Mikro could be something special, especially considering its $399/€349 price tag, which includes the large Maschine library and software as well as the controller. We’ll find out, and definitely be making a video for it, in the very near future.

It didn’t take a genius to guess Maschine Mikro was on the horizon when NI dropped Kore, but we were a little surprised with iMaschine! In the spirit of other companies who’ve created studio in a box software – Akai’s Synthstudio and the various Korg offerings come to mind – iMaschine is a mini studio with a mini price, and the ability to load projects into the full version of Maschine. It’s a shame it’s iPhone/iPod Touch only, with no native iPad version, but maybe going full sized would be a little too close to the actual Maschine for comfort. It might not be the most exciting of the two announcements for existing computer musicians, but it could act as the gateway drug for a whole heap of those of you reading who haven’t already bought in to the world of production yet…

Both products are out on the 1st of October – Native Instruments have some extras… Oh, and here’s pad virtuoso Jeremy Ellis giving Mikro what for!

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