April May Podcast

Oh Drat Podcast April/May 2011

The April/May Podcast is so called because rather than keep the podcast at the end of the month, a place it’s slipped to over the past six, I’d rather flip it back to the beginning… so the June Podcast will actually come out at the start of June. Other than the name, this month’s Oh Drat Podcast is more of the same eclectic blend of soul, jazz, hip hop and electronica – enjoy!

1. 6Fingers (Drums n Ammo) – Aw Yeah
2. Cyrus Malachi – Concrete Flowers
3. Ryan Hemsworth – Someone to Make You Crazy
4. The Rests – The Tumbler
5. Lund Quartet – Tullipan
6. Hocus Pocus – Piece No 14
7. Cherri Prince – Misery
8. Mute Speaker – Green Bean Soup ft Ree
9. Nocow – Close to Me

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Oh Drat Podcast April/May 2011 by Oh Drat on Mixcloud

Mute Speaker - Smart Bomb

Mute Speaker – Smart Bomb

Smart Bomb is the debut self released LP from Brighton, England based Mute Speaker on his own imprint Liquid Noise Records.

Smart Bomb never stays in a single place long enough to be predictable

It never stays in a single place long enough to be predictable, with the predominant sound set morphing between synths and samples, the energy levels from near ambient tracks to pieces with incredibly heavy drums, and an album wide shift in tone; it starts with a definite eastern flavour, with samples and smatterings of Asian instruments and voices interwoven into arpeggiated, space age electronica, and gradually transforms into a more western sound. Electric pianos, guest emcees in the shape of Invokal and Highfly, and the finale, the guitar led Fractured featuring Amdine… it’s definitely worth your time, and also provides an eloquent answer to a question recently posed at Oh Drat – when would instrumental music benefit from collaborations with vocalists? Smart Bomb’s two vocal tracks both use the collaboration to elevate what would otherwise be two much less interesting pieces.

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