Beat Thang

Beat Kangz Release Beat Thang

You may recognise Beat Thang – it’s been in the making for a while and a software version of it has been available for some time. Finally being released, exclusive to Best Buy (we’re not sure whether that’s an entirely good omen), Beat Thang is an entirely portable studio in a box groove machine.

The design of the Beat Thang is… well, it certainly stands out

The design of the Beat Thang is… well, it certainly stands out, for better or worse. There are some bizarre ergonomic decisions, such as the pitch bend and mod wheels on opposite sides of the unit (and we actually mean sides) and a conspicuous lack of tech specs available; at $1499 we’re not sure how much of a bargain it’ll be. Funnily enough in many ways it reminds us of the Yamaha DJX – if you don’t remember it look it up, it was fun but it was definitely a toy. That said, the video below does show that the unit has potential… Unfortunately we won’t be digging in to the Beat Thang to confirm or deny our suspicions, as review units aren’t being sent out. They’re available from Sunday the 17th, though, so if you live in the USA maybe they’ll have some instore demos…

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