Free Analogue Bass Samples, Free Ableton Instrument, Reason Rack Extensions Promo!

This week get free Korg analogue bass samples, a free Ableton FX instrument, and get excited about Reason Rack Extensions! Continue Reading

Free Reason Combinator for Automatic Dynamic Toplines – Seasoning Lite

This week we have another free download for you guys – enjoy!

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Experiment with another DAW with Free Demos!

Maybe you’re in England and are so excited by the tropical heat we’re having that the likelihood of you being anywhere other than sprawled out on the grass is about as high as the weather holding out for longer than a couple of days, but nonetheless, it’s Assignment time! Continue Reading

Free Reason Dubstep Combinator – Brobass

If you liked the sound of the synth in last week’s Pocket Tip on modulation shapes, you’re in for a treat…

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Izotope Iris Promo Price, Reason 6.5 Beta, and Beatcleaver Update

Another three of our favourite stories from around the web this week, with a cash saving promo offer on iZotope’s latest, Reason’s Rack Extensions getting closer and closer, and an update to a very cool, low cost way of slicing your samples…

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Modistant: Free Reason 6 Combinator Instrument

We love to confuse around these parts. If you read last week’s Assignment you’ll know we urged you to spend the weekend making some of your own presets… and now here we are giving you one of our own?! Continue Reading

Better Drums with Group Mutes

This week we’re taking a quick look at how to make better and more realistic drums with group mutes. It’s not just drums that’ll benefit though, it makes a big difference for chopping things up hip hop style too – check it out!



The first in our new series, Pocket Tips, deals with portamento. Head over to the forum and leave a comment if you’ve any suggestions for future Pocket Tips! Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2012-03-23 at 16.44.26

Musikmesse 2012: Propellerhead Rack Extensions for Reason


They’re not at Musikmesse so we’ve not had a chat with them (yet), but one of the coolest announcements of the week is that Propellerhead are finally opening up Reason to third parties – in their own special way.

Reason users have long been split into two camps: those who wish there was VST/AU compatibility to open things up a little, and those who praise the stability of the entirely in the box solution. These two somewhat incongruous positions have finally – hopefully, at least – been reconciled with this new announcement.

Rack Extensions are essentially plugins for Reason, but with a very strict integration guidelines. A third party rack device will be usable just like a core device, right down to nesting it in Combinators, routing the signal, automating, and so on.

We’re really excited about this one – how about you?

Nektar Announce Panorama: Custom Reason 6 Control Surface

Reason is the perfect software for control surface functionality. Write it up using Propellerhead’s Remote interface, and you can rest assured that the closed box system means your controller will remain compatible with the software until at least the next major update.

we’re quite taken with the looks of the controller, the screen, and its promise of integration at a level that will make you forget that you’re merely using a controller

Many manufacturers, notably Korg (were they the first? We think so, but let us know if you know otherwise) with their Microkontrol have implemented strong mappings, but Nektartech seem to be the first to come out with a dedicated controller. It couldn’t come at a better time; Reason 6 looks like it could genuinely be a DAW killer for home studios, combining the excellent sound of the Record engine that ushered in the SSL console emulating mixer, direct record sampling and all the instruments in Reason 5.

Details are thin on the ground for the moment, but we’re quite taken with the looks of the controller, the screen, and its promise of integration at a level that will make you forget that you’re merely using a controller. Reason 6 is on the way, and we can’t wait to get one of these in the studio to test it with! Until we do, check out Nektar’s slow release of info at their site…

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