Prok and Fitch

Interview: Prok and Fitch

Prok and Fitchs’ star has been rising steadily over the past few years, as DJing has turned into a knack for production and the pair juggle between stage and studio. Their style changes from techy to melodic and much inbetween depending on their moods, and their latest single is a re-version of Chemical Brothers’ Star Guitar. Find it at the end of the interview!

We chatted to the English duo about what it’s like to work in a pair, the importance of not being precious when it comes to making music, and of course got a few tips for you guys too.

“We both have very different ideas, so we kinda just make music in the way we’re feeling at the moment” – James Fitch

Oh Drat: To start off, when it comes to your style how do you go about getting different moods when creating music, and what inspires you to make music that fits into certain places?

James Fitch: We both have very different ideas, so we kinda just make music in the way we’re feeling at the moment. For example six, seven months ago a lot of our tracks weren’t quite peak time enough in our DJ set so we started making some more banging stuff, and at the moment we’re trying to make a little bit more melodic… it’s just whatever we feel like doing to be honest.

OD: I see; does the two of you together having different ideas mean that without a partnership your music would come out very differently?

Ben Prok: Yeah, I think that there being two of us means that we compromise on things, you know, we both have different ideas in the pot so to speak. I think it works really well because we’ve both got quite different tastes in music and they complement each other in the studio with the way that we come out with something that’s fairly unique every time.

OD: So when you say you have different tastes in music, do you listen to very different styles outside of house?

BP: I’d say fairly…

JF: Yeah.

BP: I mean, we both appreciate what the other person listens to. I get subjected to a lot of shit that my wife listens to (laughs) – Rihanna, stuff like that…

OD: Okay, so you can’t see yourself doing a Rihanna remix in the near future then?!

BP: Er…! We wouldn’t say no to doing one, I don’t knock that music, but personally it’s not my taste; a bit too poppy for me really. I can appreciate that it’s popular, but I think the fact that it’s on the radio all the time makes me dislike it a little bit, I think.

OD: I see. Do you think in general there’s an aspect of that with all types of music, and perhaps genres of music are affected by it in different ways. Take perhaps the most obvious example and look at how homogenous the pop interpretation of dubstep has become…

BP: I think there’s this music around that I call ‘bandwagon music’. David Guetta comes along and then everyone tries to make records that sound like that, you know. That’s where I think things lose their individuality, whereas dubstep’s still quite new and fresh I think. It’s going down that route, but it’s still relatively quirky compared to everyone trying to sound like David Guetta – or Swedish House Mafia, every track has to have a big trancy breakdown now.

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Bomb Squad - Tactical Beats and Sample Artillery

Review: Bomb Squad – Tactical Beats and Sample Artillery


any WAV sampler, also includes REX and patches for Reason NNXT, Kontakt, EXS24, Live, and HALion.


  • Ready to use aggressive sounds
  • ‘Go to’ drum collection

  • Samey bass sounds
  • Size bumped up by massive loop content
Price at review: £34.95 

Tactical Beats and Sample Artillery is a good deal for producers looking for high quality aggressive electronic sounds with no messing about.

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Straight out the gate, we’d like to register both an eye roll and protracted groan at the unashamed play on Call of Duty weaved throughout Tactical Beats and Sample Artillery. Thankfully, the actual contents of this Hank Shocklee devised sample pack is more original.

Nothing if not generous, Tactical Beats comes in at 1.4GB of 24bit audio

Nothing if not generous, Tactical Beats comes in at 1.4GB of 24bit audio, comprised of drums, percussion, bass, pads and SFX. The sounds themselves are divided into weaponry analogising categories, from the bread and butter ‘Assault Weapons’ and the one shots of ‘Sniper Weapons’ to the sub bass hits in ‘Submachine Weapons’ and more. Somewhat unsurprisingly given the warfare theme, the sounds are all bold, brash, synthetic and very effects laden. The single hit drums are the undoubted standout of the pack, almost every single one instantly usable (although there are some duplicates, or at least so equivalent they may as well be). Kicks are distorted and layered with subs, percussion is twisted beyond recognition, snares are filtered and pushed through spring reverbs, and everything is compressed to within an inch of its life for super quick attacks and extreme loudness.

The single hit drums are the undoubted standout of the pack

The sub bass sounds are also fairly good, if arguably somewhat redundant to anyone with a half decent soft synth – there’s also an issue with quite a few of the sounds having rhythmic amp or filter envelopes added to them, something we’re not keen on for raw materials. The pads are long and suitably terrifying, from atonal dronescapes to bells and hints of fragile beauty; sensibly there are only a relatively small selection of pads so as not to risk sounding samey.

The jaw dropping amount of loop content is commendable, if slightly over egged. Many loops have six or seven variants, which bumps up the total size of the pack considerably: at its best this practice is a great inspiration source for building loops up, at its worst it harks to those lazy days of ‘eJay’-esque drag and drop.

Entirely software sourced (with the exception of the UAD DSP plugins), Tactical Beats and Sample Artillery doesn’t really deliver much genuinely unique material – but that’s not to say that it’s not expertly compiled and executed – by legendary producer Hank Shocklee, no less – with every sound having care and attention taken to its frequency range, punch and loudness. As a go to folder for quick access to hard, aggressive sounds Tactical Beats is a worthy purchase.

Pick up Bomb Squad Tactical Beats and Sample Artillery from Loopmasters


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