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We took a look at Samplebasedlife waaaay back, and the idea is something that’s really stuck with me ever since. We’re actually looking into a cool way to provide you with some OD sounds, but not just your bog standard sounds that you could get from anywhere: sounds with a context. Enough of that for now, though… Continue Reading


Supraphonics – Supraphonics

Classical, sun soaked instrumental funk and soul music seems to more or less something that is only heard in the 70s sections of record stores or in the hands of covers bands.

would – or should – you sample this?

So, it’s with a not inconsiderable amount of surprise that we came across this self titled album comprising solely of instrumental music from Supraphonics, a Portland based funk band. For a moment we wrestled with whether the question of whether or not the Supraphonics sound was a little pastiche, before pulling ourselves together and remembering all the unashamed genre music that we’ve been happy to lap up from more electronic climes. That question made way for another, then; would – or should – you sample this? One one hand it’s barely finished gestating (and Chris’s ‘vinyl only’ self imposed rule precludes him from even considering it), but on the other, if there’s inspiration what’s to really stop you? After all, a genuine J Dilla classic, Busta Rhyme’s Show Me What You Got, sampled Stereolab’s Come Play in the Milky Night mere months after its release.

What do you think?




We love this concept; sampling is as much about ritual as it is the original material.

Samplebasedlife is a project that puts 20 minutes or so of material in your hands

The comparatively soulless experience of sampling mp3s compared to digging in old crates for hidden gems is largely down to the reductive mundanity of pressing play and clicking your way through track after track, and there’s something about the lack of limitation that cripples creativity. Samplebasedlife is a project that puts 20 minutes or so of material in your hands, and that limitation in itself is a refreshing and inspiring creative spark. Volume 2 has just been released, with the full vaults available on SoundCloud, and downloads are limited – take a look while you can…

Sample Based Life Vol. 2 Vault 1 by samplebasedlife

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