Kashmere - Galaktus: Power Cosmic

Kashmere – Galaktus: Power Cosmic

Four years in the making, UK Hip Hop veteran Kashmere the Iguana Man’s third LP is upon us.

The theme of the album draws heavily upon Marvel Comics mythology, as Kashmere adopts the persona of Galaktus, a demi god of the Marvel Universe. Armed with such omnipotence, Kashmere goes interstellar with his tales of drugs, debauchery, and braggadocio; regaling too his inception and his creation of his first herald, the Silver Surfer.

Kashmere goes interstellar with his tales of drugs, debauchery, and braggadocio

The major points of canon are warped and appropriated with panache, and maybe some even finer points went over this comic book layman’s dome piece.

Production is handled by Jazz T and Zygote, who paint a seedy montage of thick breaks and vintage TV themes, both totally coherent as an album and hazily timeless in style. A side effect of a cohesive album is space for the seldom seen DJ track to make a welcome appearance. DJ Random’s on the cut, and the second half of the LP is littered with more excellent guests including Jehst, Micall Parknsun, Ransom Badbones, Daamacide, Severe, and Chubby Alcoholic.

Galaktus: Power Cosmic is available as CD, download, and a limited hand numbered double vinyl from Boot Recordings. Recommended!

Kashmere – The Corporation ft Jehst & Micall Parknsun by Oh Drat

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