Special Ingredients – Make Some Presets

Nobody likes cookie cutter music, right? That stuff that sounds like it’s been pressed from a single mould, devoid of any personality, all sounding exactly the same? Well, if all you ever use when you’re making music is someone else’s presets, sooner or later you’re going to run into this exact problem.

On the other hand, we’ve found a big goal for many of you is to get your own sound – so your stuff has a common element, but nobody else sounds like you. Believe it or not this relies on presets too… But the difference is they’re your own.

Creating your own presets will save you time, ensure you sound original, and can really make you think about what kind of music you want to make – essentially you’re picking the paints you’re going to stock your pallette with.

Give it a go! Try putting together a drum kit that’ll let you dive straight in to making a track with sounds you know you like, hook up a few synth patches to give yourself some go-to bass and leads (just think, Nero’s entire last album seemed to revolve around ‘that’ synth sound) and maybe even save some master compressor and EQ settings to give your tracks a consistent character. There’s nothing to say you can’t tweak them as you go, and of course there’s nothing wrong with using other peoples presets either, if you do it wisely, but there’s nothing like having a stock of your own special ingredients!

Oh, and if you’ve no idea where to start, give our free course OD101 a read! 


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