Sonivox - Twist

Sonivox announce Twist – Spectral Morphing Synth

Ever feel like modern synthesisers are giving you just too many things to tweak, modulate, learn and get confused by? Sonivox’s latest synth could be for you.

Twist features just five main knobs

Twist features just five main knobs, which appear to change the spectral map of the sound generators, as well as a pattern sequencer and onboard delay, chorus, and reverb. We’re starting to get used to synths that experiment with more than classic subtractive synthesis as computing power gets to the point where huge amounts of processing can be dedicated to single instruments (Native Instruments’ Razor, reviewed here, for example), and thus allowing drastic and previously unimaginable modulations with simple tweaks. Time will tell whether we love Twist’s simplicity; the below video shows how it can sound like both a recognisable tone and at the same time morph into something a little more avant garde – we’re not sure whether the drums are part of Twist’s capabilities or even the science behind the synthesis right now, but all will become clear in our forthcoming review…

Spectral Layers

Spectral Layers – Photoshop for Sound?

Many of you, when new to production, will have tried to analogise sound editing with image editing before swiftly realising that the link between the two has some major logic flaws. The composition of an image may be able to be totally altered by being able to focus entirely on two dimensions, adjusting colour and shape, but individual sounds can’t be isolated in the same way because of that tricky old concept of time, the fourth dimension.

Spectral Layers is the latest development that promises to isolate instruments in musical recordings

Spectral analysis, which goes some way to solving the problem of tracking a discernible sound, rather than simply a frequency, has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and Spectral Layers is the latest development that promises to isolate instruments in musical recordings. It’s still in early alpha stages at the moment, but it’s already looking promising – take a look at the video below and you’ll see why developers Divide Frame are describing it as ‘a Photoshop like audio editor’.

We want to know what you think about the concept of Spectral Layers, or even whether you care – come into our forums and have at it!


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