Pre Fader VS Post Fader Aux Channel Send & Return

Send and return channels are super handy for a lot of things, but do you know the difference between pre and post fader and what each is handy for?

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Monophony and Polyphony

This week’s Pocket Tip is a quick look at a setting you may leave well alone a little more often than you should! Changing the amount of voices in a synth or sampler instrument can have a big impact on the way it sounds, watch the video and see!


Get Free Advice on How to Make Music at Home!

Whilst work goes on hard behind the scenes to revamp Oh Drat and turn it to the best place to turn to on the web for learning how to make music at home, we’ve been doing our research.

We’re going to relaunch Oh Drat with a completely free course that’ll teach you all the most important foundations of music production and making music at home, and we’ve been chatting to some of our readers over email and Skype about what it is they know, what they don’t, and figuring out the best ways to make sure that we can teach things in our course in the right way and in the right order.

In return we’ve been giving them personal tips and tuition, and in t0 order share the love and to make the new Oh Drat as good as possible we’d like to extend the offer to you too, dear reader – yes, you! If you’ve any questions about how to make music at home and would like to discuss them over email or Skype, we’d be happy to help. And when the new site launches, we’ll have some treats for you too!

Get in touch with me, Chris, now – I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and give you all the tips you need to up your game!

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