Shakka - The Shakka Crown Affair

Shakka – The Shakka Crown Affair

The concept album is an oft maligned thing in hip hop – something that Kashmere the Iguana Man too noted in his recent interview. This LP from Shakka, The Shakka Crown Affair, borrows from the plot of its namesake the Pierce Brosnan starring The Thomas Crown Affair and sees Shakka as a playboy art thief.

the story unfolds in interludes between the songs

The art in question is music in Shakka’s version, however, and the story unfolds in interludes between the songs, which sample, cover, or otherwise borrow from the music which Shakka ‘steals’ – from Dilla to Coldplay, Young Money to Calvin Harris. Shakka’s prowess on the mic backs up his itchy fingers, though, as he takes us on a trip from his youth to his growth into adulthood and all the influences that entailed.

The LP raises an interesting point about originality, as the story unfolds and Shakka Crown becomes dissatisfied with using other peoples’ art – culminating neatly in a totally original piece – what’s the line when it comes to re-appropriation in music?

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