Bitesize Tips: We’ll Tweet You

We’ve woefully under-used Twitter in the past and as a result found it difficult to get our own shadow to follow us. Part of the reason was that we couldn’t quite get our heads around why we should be tweeting – or even what we should be tweeting about. There have been numerous head scratching sessions in the past couple of months focused on how to make Oh Drat the finest name in music production on the web in 2012, and they’ve led to some big decisions. Some of them are secret for now, some of them we’ve teased over the past little while (the new site is going to blow your mind. We hope…), and one of them is all about that little blue bird. Here’s how we’re going to be tweeting:

  • Bite size tips
  • Definitions of audio terms
  • Re-tweets of music we love and think will inspire you
  • Re-tweets of important announcements even quicker than we can post about them
  • Re-tweets of other tips and tricks

Anything else you think we should be doing? Let us know!
So, make sure you follow us on Twitter right away, and help us to get involved in the chatter with your re-tweets and messages!

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