Ahang Rooz - Collections

Ahang Rooz – Collections

I urge you to listen to all three collections of song snippets from Ahang Rooz – all on their Bandcamp. The collections here are a fascinating look into the music of 1960s and 1970s Iran and Afghanistan, ranging from straight up American styled funk and soul to pieces melding the jazz, soul, funk and psychedelic influences the west undeniably provided with local instrumentation, styles, and vocals.

there’s ample inspiration in these collections

Both sides of the coin have incredible moments, and there’s ample inspiration in these collections. Inspiration accompanied by the sobering reality that artistic expression is still illegal in Iran and Afghanistan, making these collections all the more important a document of the nations’ artistic heritage …

  • Gavlar

     That’s amazing.

  • DeeJayDee

     If these were full songs I would purchase them in a snap. All three collections. Putting the rare into rare groove!

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