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Dear Reader…

I hope you enjoy reading Oh Drat. It’s very much a labour of love for me – and by me I mean just me, Chris, I do this on my lonesome – borne of a desire to create something that I’d love to exist.

The philosophy behind the site is that music doesn’t just materialise from of thin air, it is welded into existence by sparks of inspiration

The philosophy behind the site is that music doesn’t just materialise from thin air, it is welded into existence by sparks of inspiration, and there is nobody better to be inspired by than your peers. I love to delve into the latest and greatest, the shiniest and the smoothest new equipment, but all it is is a series of bigger and better blank canvases for you to paint onto.

As I push on with the site I’m conscious that it can be a little tough to pigeon hole, and that is both a good and a bad thing. The primary focus for Oh Drat is production, and yet a lot of what’s on the site is music and interviews with musicians – not necessarily even producers or electronic music. This is intentional and harks back to the chicken and egg style philosophy I mentioned above; I really want Oh Drat to be somewhere you can enjoy, and leave the site feeling like you want to get behind your equipment and make something beautiful. That said, at the moment there is slightly less focus on equipment than I’m aiming for, and that’s something that I’m in the process of rectifying. There are new reviews coming out imminently, and I am about to embark upon a variety of production tutorial series in video and text formats, aimed at giving everyone from total newcomers to seasoned veterans help and new ideas. Making music doesn’t have to be something you devote your entire life to, nor should it feel like a waste of time not to pursue fame and fortune with it. Music is something that should make you happy, and even if you come to Oh Drat for my impeccable music tastes alone, you may see something that inspires you to have a go yourself. Even if not, don’t worry – I don’t plan on letting the music, interviews, and features disappear.

The most important person in all this, though, is you, the reader

The most important person in all this, though, is you, the reader. I’m a strong believer in the idea that when creating something new, you have to be a little stubborn in order to break some moulds, but it’s vital to me that you guys let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see more of and what you’d like less of. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the response to Oh Drat so far, as the readership is coming along in leaps and bounds, and your comments mean the world to me. Please let me know on Facebook, Twitter, and the comments section below what you think, and I would be overjoyed if you could spread the word about Oh Drat to your friends in your respective networks.

Well, that’s my candid, cards on the table disclosure. I’m alone in all this without you guys, and your help and interest so far has meant Oh Drat has grown into something better than I could ever have hoped whilst its still in its infancy. Here’s to phase two being even better…

  • Nick

    Keep up the good work mate. I love most of the music you post and I wouldn’t listen to a lot of it otherwise because it’s not my style. I would like to see more stuff on equipment, I consider myself an intermediate producer so things around that level would be perfect, but I think it would be good to get people started too. Maybe do more like articles that I can read in, er, my lunch break ;) as well?


  • Gaz

    I agree with Nick, it would never occur to me to listen to some of the stuff u post, I wouldn’t even know where to look. Doing articles sounds like a good idea, maybe like homework articles as you say you want to do an inspiration thing!

    One thing I wish is that you could post a bit more. I didn’t properly realise u were on ur own, and u do write wicked stuff, but sometimes i just want to trust you and listen to the music so I wouldn’t mind a bit less writing and just more links, like a news section or something.

    Thanks for doing the site though Chris, it’s definitely appreciated :)

  • DJ Dusk

    production tutorials sounds sick. thx 4 the site, i have it bookmarked.

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  • Stephen Sings

    Hi, I’ve been a regular reader since about Christmas, I loved all your NAMM coverage, it came out before loads of other places and it wasn’t just the usual lazy copy and paste stuff. I also really like the interviews with artists that aren’t producers, it seems like you ask them questions that are relevant to producers, some how. That said, I would like to see some more interviews with producers, and maybe even production tips from them, I don’t know if that’s possible?

    What you’re doing is superb though, please keep it up :)

  • Parker

    Classic gear perhaps? Like you say, not all about the newest stuff. My 2000xl is still the centre of what I do. I would like to see an old school setup guide.

  • Gdzkz

    this is actually becoming 1 of my favorite sites. all u need 2 do is keep the mementum up and review some of the new gear like the new akai and new korg shit. then i will be a total convert and i think lots of other ppl will 2. pz.

  • Randy Deano

    So am i rite in thinking there isn’t going to be much DJ stuff here? that’s Cool, I can go other places for that. Hmmmmm, what do I wanna see more of…… how about splitting up the different pages better so i can go in and look at just interviews or just music reviews, at the moment it’s all higgledepiggeldy. I have come here a few times now though and i like it!

  • http://sidewaysrun.wordpress.com/ Chak

    Reader since the beginning! I’m not gonna lie. I read. a LOT. your blog and the billions of others out there. It’s a pain sometimes. It’s incredibly overwhealming. So I know the feeling. Sometimes keeping up with the latest and greatest is pure taxation on the mind and ears. I’m petrified of production. I don’t know a single thing about gear, but the sounds they produce fascinate me and I couldn’t live without my daily dose of music. You have a very open minded view of the music you post. Exploring new sounds and styles must be exhausting, specially considering the quality and finnesse with which you write. Subscribed to all man. Twitter ‘n’ all.
    Keep it coming.
    As for what to change or develop? The tutorials would be fantastic. Specially from a newb’s point of view. The podcast is more then fantastic, music wise. I guess if we got to learn about the etiquette of production, Kit reviews will start to make far more sense for more readers.
    At any rate. You have a dedicated reader here.

  • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

    Many, many thanks for all your comments so far guys.

    With regards to increasing output, I am interested in experimenting with a news column which is much more focused on bleeding edge announcements – keep an eye out, I guess!

    More interviews with producers are indeed on the way, as is a Q&A section!

    Yes, content wise DJing isn’t a priority. There are quite a few sites which offer a good DJ based experience, many of which I write for, and Oh Drat’s focus is on the production end of things. I’m glad that there’s a good response to tutorials, they will start to appear before long!

    As far as classic and older products, I absolutely intend to give them their fair share of coverage and respect – boutique gear too.

    Thanks for all your responses so far!

  • http://burton.iscool Burton

    Yo, big fan of the site! I saw your video of the mpk mini as well and that is dead on, more like that please!

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