Joker Starr - Hip Hop Transition

Joker Starr – Hip Hop Transition

Remember my prediction earlier in the year about this year being the year that independents really jump on video? The new track from Joker Starr is building up steam for its single release on the 31st of January with this very well shot accompaniment.

“we all gotta move with the times, hip hop’s gonna be just fine”

Of course, that’s not the only thing going for the track. Based around a skippy military rhythm that suits Joker Starr’s flow so well, a lush chopped sample keeps things smooth as Starr takes us through changes and progressions in his life, drawing parallels with the changing face of hip hop.

My favourite thing about Joker Starr is that he sounds like Joker Starr – original flows and styles are one thing that hip hop will always need…

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