Korg NanoSeries 2

Korg Nano Series 2 Announced

Korg’s NanoSeries, The trailblazers of the super mini trend, receive an update. All have boosted feature sets, although the usefulness of the NanoKey for keyboard playing continues to be disputable – whilst it’s had an upgrade in quality, it is still at its heart a set of computer keys laid out in a dual octave formation. That is not to say,of course, that it’s not a useful controller – 24 uncluttered on/off switches will certainly be useful, even if not for actual playing.

The NanoSeries 2 is out soon and will supersede the mark one controllers at the same price point

The NanoPad has had a decent upgrade, with a full 16 pads now on offer as well as an onboard arpeggiator, X/Y pad recording and selectable note scales.

The most different is the NanoKontrol, which has had some features added and some taken away. Whilst it loses a channel strip (down to eight), it gains an extra button per channel notionally marked as solo/mute/arm, and whilst it loses its four scene capability, it gains track select and marker set buttons. These features, combined with the loop button being named cycle, point towards Mackie HUI protocol compatibility, which could greatly add to the value of the unit.

The NanoSeries 2 is out soon and will supersede the mark one controllers at the same price point. I’m sure they’ll outperform the originals, but I’m looking forward to getting my mitts on them to see just how much. For more information head over to the Korg site.

  • sparky

    i might get a nano pad can you tell me if there any gud?

  • DJ RipTrax

    i also want to know what they’re like. i am intreseted in the 1 with knobs on it

  • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

    I’m busy arranging some for review right now. Stay tuned! (and if you follow Oh Drat on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll be able to make sure you get the news as soon as it happens!)

    • sparky

      thx cant w8!

  • OsoriouS

    you guys know where can i buy the nanoseries2 and have shipping to mexico?

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Good question! Unfortunately no idea at the moment, they’re still not in stock anywhere to my knowledge!

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