M-Audio Venom

M-Audio Venom Announced

M-Audio has a long history of controller keyboards – harking right back to their days as MidiMan. The recently-consolidated-into-Avid brand is now shooting in a new direction: a hardware synthesiser.

Venom implements a DSP based oscillator drift to emulate those unstable old voltage controlled circuits

Venom is a 49 key synth, audio interface, and MIDI controller, and M-Audio state its versatility – citing it as great for everything from pads, basslines, and drums, to leads and textures. Its analogue emulation goes as far as to sample the waveforms from a host of classic synths as well as implement a DSP based oscillator drift to emulate those unstable old voltage controlled circuits.

An impressive synthesis engine featuring masses of modulation, per voice and master effects coupled with eight voices, four part multi-timbral operation, and twelve voice polyphony is taken advantage of by the onboard USB2 audio interface, which allows the Venom to act something like a DSP system and send synth outputs directly to a DAW. This certainly mitigates the £390 price tag, as having four complex and rock solid synths and drum machines added to your rig with no extra toll on your system is a big bonus. Editing looks to benefit from the close relationship with a computer too, as the multilayered editing controls on the unit’s fascia are complemented by a full soft synth resembling software editor for realtime changes.

Available immediately, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Venom to give you the full lowdown… full spec is available at M-Audio’s site.

  • Biff

    Looks ace. Can u control it with Ableton?

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Unless I’m horribly mistaken, connecting via USB will allow you send MIDI data to the Venom and receive audio from it, so you could set up an External Instrument track and it would be just like using a soft synth…

  • http://google.co.uk Gish

    Don’t like the white, but it looks sick! When you review it please pay attention to the drum sounds, we need to know!

    • Mark C

      I actually quite like the white and grey! This has the potential to be sooo powerful. I can’t wait to see a review.

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