Madlib Quote


  • ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓

    I generally like the quotes and inspiration on Oh Drat (and your clean design!), but I’ve long found “advice” like this somewhere between reductionist and misleading. It eventually leads to frustration for new producers who impatiently expect instant answers, based on distorted expectations. It’s also dismissive of hardware engineers, sound designers, and the many other professions that establish opportunities for electronic music production.

    After all, there are huge variances between machines, and fellow humans are toolmakers. We are better served by building bridges in diversity, not throwing out a homogeneous blanket. A beautiful user interface can make an enormous difference in productive output.

    Like a healthy marriage, it takes love, patience, and recognition of equal partnership.

    • Chris

      Thanks for your input Torley, noted! Figuring out these little ‘nuggets’ is an ongoing thing, and we’re gearing up to do some more in depth stuff to balance things out. Hopefully we’ll strike a good balance in the coming months!

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