Native Instruments Maschine

Maschine 1.6 Beta

Native Instruments have today released a public beta of version 1.6 of Maschine, their integrated hardware/software groove box. Maschine’s been rising in popularity over the past two years, as NI have consistently improved the workflow and featureset; the 1.6 update is the most radical update yet, as we finally see VST/AU plugin integration.

the 1.6 update is the most radical update yet, as we finally see VST/AU plugin integration

One of the most attractive things about Maschine is its ability to immerse you totally in the controller. Thankfully, NI have continued this with 1.6, as plugin browsing is as simple as sample loading. This is facilitated by a new way of approaching sound loading, as now there are four ‘modules’ per pad, which can be populated with either a sampler or plugin and up to three internal or plugin effects.

Other workflow improvements such as pad link, swing per sound, and further improvements to drag and drop between the application and the desktop/other applications are bolstered by doubling the outputs to 16 stereo outs. Maschine is starting to look seriously powerful, and touch wood, the beta hasn’t crashed on me yet so it shouldn’t be too long before we see it go gold. When it does, look forward to a new review…

  • At last

    FINALLY! I might have to buy one of these now.

  • Alex3000

    I love Maschineeee!

  • Kulcha’d

    I got the Maschine and sold it because i never used It. I use Ableton instead. but, I might give it another chance now.

  • Parker

    will it work on the same maschine you can already get? how do you upgrade it?

    • Chris

      Hi Parker,

      yep – the updates to Maschine are all software based, the hardware stays the same! The update is just like any other software, there’s no complicated stuff involving the box :)

  • Leon

    Does this work with PC to? or only with MAC?

  • Paulgaeta

    I’m hearing so much good stuff about Maschine.  It’s def. gotten my attention.  

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