Reason 6

Propellerhead Announce Reason 6 and Reason Essentials

Propellerhead Software, in many peoples’ eyes the kings of the Studio in a Box concept, have just announced the impending release of Reason 6, Reason Essentials, and Balance, Propellerhead’s first step into hardware. In what is in our opinion the right move, however likely it is to annoy Record users, Reason 6 will include all of Record’s features – basically turning it into Record running in the Duo mode that is activated when both Reason 5 and Record are installed.

Reason 6 will include all of Record’s features

There are also two new effects, Pulveriser and The Echo – no prizes for guessing that they’re a compression and distortion unit and delay respectively – and the software will now run in true 64 bit mode, including Rewire. There’ll also be a feature cut version of Reason called Reason Essentials released to coincide with Reason 6, cutting out some of the most impressive instruments and effects such as Kong, the RPG8 Arp, the new effects and Neptune – and both Thor and Maelstrom, leaving Subtractor on lone synth duty – but adding audio recording and the SSL modelled mixer introduced in Record.

Due out on the 30th of September and priced at €400 there’s a little while to wait yet – let us know what you think to the new features. Another must have or is Reason 5 enough for you? Take a look at the video below from the guys themselves…


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