Dub FX - Vocal Beats, Bass & FX Vol 1

Review: Dub FX Vocal Beats, Bass & FX Vol 1

Dub FX is a considerable beatboxing talent whose vocal chord and loop pedal utilizing productions give him a totally unique sound. His brand new sample pack, brought to you by Loopmasters, promises to give you a taste of that sound. We checked it out…


any WAV sampler, also includes REX and patches for Reason NNXT, Kontakt, EXS24, Live, and HALion.


  • Great drum sounds
  • Some truly individual harmony loops
  • Excellent recording quality


  • Some popping sounds in the loops
  • A few generic sounds, especially bass


Price at review: £24.95 

If you’re looking for some sounds that sound like nothing else you’ve got, then Dub FX’s Vocal Beats, Bass & FX Vol 1 might be right up your street.

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After listening to a few of the loops it occurred to us that one of the main incentives to use beatboxing sounds in production is their totally unique nature. Why bother using someone else’s mouth when we could go the whole hog, we thought as we hooked up our mics. Five minutes later, we were back to auditioning Dub FX’s recorded hits and loops using a dribble coated keyboard and mouse. Not only is beatboxing hard, actually recording the sounds is a task in itself. The meticulously recorded 24 bit efforts on the Dub FX sample pack will sit along side your other sounds and easily hold their own.

The meticulously recorded 24 bit efforts on the Dub FX sample pack will sit along side your other sounds and easily hold their own.

The pack itself features bass, drum, and harmony loops which range fairly evenly across tempos from 75 to 175, covering hip hop, dubstep, and drum and bass rhythms and tempos.

We’ve always thought drum loops were a little lazy, but every loop is dissected into one shots and sorted logically into kicks, snares, hats, cymbals and percussion to allow you to load up your sampler with the hits of your choice. There are also a selection of pads and vocal stabs, and whilst there’s some value in some of the grunts and groans we’re not really fans of the ‘yeah’s and ‘are you ready’s.

A selection of ‘raw’ loops, recorded directly with nothing in the way of multitracking or effects processing, allow you to hear and understand the physical practicalities of beatboxing; without an understanding of what’s actually possible to perform live it’s tough to make a convincing rhythm of your own.

The harmonies are a mixed bag

The harmonies are a mixed bag, with some slightly dull sounding loops that remind us a little of ‘world music choir’ patches from cheap sampler libraries but at the same time some really sonically interesting loops that sound like neither vox nor instrument; the best value in the Dub FX sample pack comes from the sounds that are truly sonically individual.

There are some issues with some of the harmony files, as some that employ a ‘chopped’ effect contain audible pops at the chopping points, and the bass loops, whilst varied, sound a little more like the distortion and effects than a vocal chord and thus don’t make as much sense. However there’s plenty to like about this sample pack and if you’re in the market for some new sounds with a certain je ne sais quoi, you should definitely check it out…

Dub FX – Vocal Beats, Bass and FX Vol 1 at Loopmasters


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