FL Studio 10

Review: FL Studio 10

FL Studio has a long heritage on the PC; from humble beginnings as a drum sequencer it’s evolved into a fully featured DAW. It’s unique in many ways, though – is it for you?

Version Reviewed:

Platforms: Windows 7, Vista, XP & 2000 (32 & 64 Bit)

Minimum Specs: 2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support, 1GB RAM. (much) More highly recommended

Price: €212 for Signature Edition (reviewed), €141 for Producer Edition. Feature cut versions: €70 for Fruity, €34 for Express

The line between straight up DAWs and All In The Box softwares has gotten blurred over the years, what with the big DAWs including all manner of instruments and effects – in many cases simultaneously reducing the asking price, too.

The line between straight up DAWs and All In The Box softwares has gotten blurred over the years

Thus, whereas Fruity Loops was once a rite of passage for home musicians and producers FL Studio is now very much an alternative solution to the ‘big guys’.

Looks wise, FL Studio is perhaps the least homogenous of all the modern DAWs and soft studios. The software’s origins as a drum machine are apparent in the way that sounds, be they samples or instruments, are still loaded into a bank and afforded a step sequencer. There is of course a piano roll available, and the step sequencer is replaced by a standard MIDI note track when used.

Some aspects of FL Studio feel a little gimmicky, such as the visual flourishes when dragging that sometimes gets in the way of precision or the visualisation plugins (although the dancing mascot is undeniably cute). At the same time, one of our favourite things about any production equipment is its ability to creatively engage a user and eschew the idea that it should be simply utilitarian in design.

Some aspects of FL Studio feel a little gimmicky

There have been some important system level updates to version 10 of FL Studio, including a true 64 bit mode, which enables efficient memory management and utilisation of all the RAM in >4GB systems, automatic plugin delay compensation – a must for any serious DAW, ensuring true accurate timing of multiple channels with and without a variety of different plugins, new more direct audio engine options which may help to reduce your latency, and a project restore menu which tracks revisions to project files, including autosaves.

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  • B Pure

    Needs more mac!

  • Indecisive

    I’m sticking with Ableton for now I think. This looks a bit cluttered… maybe I should give it a go though.

  • Mauricio Masp

    How can I put back the patterns?

  • Hi

    this report is so lame and uncool because FL is awesome

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      We’ve deleted your other comments as they were essentially reposts. We’re glad you enjoy FL Studio, but we’re slightly puzzled as to why you feel it important that you stick up for it on such a personal level! Please feel free to get involved with comments, but excessive negativity will end up seeing your posting abilities revoked… 

  • This report sucks


  • anon

    Dude, Chris needs to chill and stop deleting comments that disagree with his conclusion. OhDratDigital is going to have a hard time supporting an involved community if you make it clear that you care more about receiving worshipping feedback than our own thoughts.

    If you wrote a positive report of Ableton live and people said they don’t like your conclusion or the software in the comment section, would you delete those too? For “being too negative?”

    And since when is feeling personal about a piece of software a bad
    thing?  Users aren’t computer, they’re people, for gods sake. The
    software is MEANT to be be either liked or disliked.

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Hi anon, we didn’t delete comments because they disagreed with our conclusion, we deleted them because there were multiple reposts by the same person – for transparency and in order to encourage opinion, we left one of the comments.

      We certainly agree that that discussion is a good thing, which is why we have the comments section on all our articles and we have recently installed a forum with the intention of building a community of musicians and producers. However, we don’t believe that disruptive, intentionally rude and, inflammatory behaviour has a place here and as such those comments will be moderated or removed in the best interests of the vast majority of our readers who don’t want to have their day darkened by being forced to read such unpleasantness.

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