Rob Papen Punch

Rob Papen Releases Punch Drum Synth

There are two schools when it comes to drums in electronic music: sampling and synthesis. Each have advantages and disadvantages; perhaps chief amongst the pros for sampled drum libraries is the replication of real acoustic percussion, and for synthesised sounds its the purity and smoothness of modulation available.

Punch relies on synthesis to get its breadth of sound

Rob Papen’s Punch relies on synthesis to get its breadth of sound, and each percussive element has different generator models to choose from to create sounds. However there are also some sampled hits from classic drum machines, as well as unique samples from Papen’s own library, to round off the offering. Emphasis appears to be placed on speed of workflow in Punch, evidenced both by the quick control section for sounds that gives access to common sound design tools and the sequencer section, which is designed to enable very quick building of patterns and breaks.

Punch is out now from Rob Papen’s site; keep an eye out for our review soon and take a look at the extended introduction to its features below…


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