Steinberg CMC

Steinberg Announce CMC Modular Cubase Controllers

All too often we’re forced to choose between either something that’s slightly under specced for our needs or something that’s got everything but the kitchen sink but is way too grand for what what we need it to do.

Steinberg have broken down their control concepts into modular offerings to allow us to mix and match our perfect control surface

Steinberg seem to have cottoned onto this, and rather than come out with a family of differently sized controllers as seems to be the trend, they’ve broken down their concepts into modular offerings to allow us to mix and match our perfect control surface.

Each controller is designed with a specific Cubase function in mind for extra tight integration with Steinberg’s flagship, but also doubles as a standard MIDI controller for maximum flexibility. The products, and their main features, are:

  • CMC-CH Channel controller: A hands on mirror of a Cubase channel strip
  • CMC-FD Fader box: Four touch strips with LED feedback
  • CMC-QC Quick Controller: Eight rotary encoders and a selection of buttons for quickly switching functions
  • CMC-PD Drum Pads: 16 velocity sensitive, tri colour LED drum pads
  • CMC-TP Transport controller: A mirror of the Cubase transport section with a touch strip for scrubbing
  • CMC-AI Cubase Advanced Integration Controller: A ‘smart knob’ large sized rotary encoder that can be set to various functions by the accompanying buttons

There are some neat and novel design choices on the CMC series; we like the look of the use of touch strips to sidestep the issue of fader position when switching between functions, but we’re not 100% sure about the dynamic illumination on the rotary encoders instead of a traditional LED ring. Tight integration with Cubase is great for Cubase users, and hopefully users of other software will be able to enjoy the controllers in standard MIDI mode.

The CMC series is due for release in October. No word on prices yet, but take a look at the below video for a good look at the controllers in turn – Steinberg have also set up a CMC minisite for your browsing pleasure.

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