Create a Unique Synth Sound From Any Audio!

Rather than use the basic waveforms in a run of the mill synth, why not create your own rich basis for your instrument to get a completely unique, harmonically full synth sound?

Take a look at the video for a complete run through of how to achieve this cool effect – we’re using Ableton Live and Simpler in the clip, but most samplers can do the exact same thing!

  • Matthew Stormgrip

    You can control click the record button and trigger both sounds at once for easier tuning

    • Chris

      Of course! Great tip Matthew! 

  • tc

    This vid was great Chris, keep it up!

    • Chris

      Thanks tc! Let us know if you’ve any requests, won’t you!

  • Kev Ryan

    Great video! I’ve been doing the same with kick drum sounds for a while. Makes for a very crunchy sound!

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