How to Make Glitch Drums and Breaks!

Ever wanted to know how to make glitch drums, breaks, or any other glitch based IDM or electronic music? We’ll show you in this video!

This week’s video tutorial will show you the manual techniques for how to make glitch drums and then show you some free plugins to take things to the next level! Do anything from subtle variations all the way to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher style madness!

How to Make Glitch Drums and Breaks

We used Ableton Live in this example but the technique will work in pretty much any DAW or even audio editor – all you really need is the ability to chop things up rhythmically, transpose, and reverse slices. As long as your host supports VST or AU plugins you can use the effects below too (If you use Propellerhead’s Reason, there are some upcoming Rack Extensions that will be right up your street!)…

Free Plugins 

The free plugins mentioned in the tutorial are:

Bram Supatrigga
Mdsp Livecut

Download and enjoy!

  • grumpy asshole

    awesome, just what electronic music needs! ….

    • Chris

      ;) overexposure to any technique will end up making people want to block their ears up with cement; I think the important thing is to make sure you do things for the merit of your own artistic vision than just to ‘fit in’, right?

  • Rhapz

    Squarepusher – great artist!

  • Dave

    Daaamn Ctrl-E….Split….Nice….you’ve saved my ass hours of time! I wish i would of watched this sooner

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