Practice Patterns with OD Sketchbooks!

Just one of the things we’ve got planned with OD Sketchbooks: Finger Drumming Tutorials and Pattern Practice.

If you haven’t got the first OD Sketchbook yet, go here now and download it free! You can load OD sketchbooks directly into Reason, Maschine, or Ableton Live, and there are WAV files for you to use with all other sample players!

As always, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done at once, and OD Sketchbooks are an ongoing concept. This short and sweet video is designed simply for you to take a little inspiration from what we envision volume 1 could sound like, and in the future there will be much, much more in the way of materials for you to learn and train with, and we’re also looking into a competition too – wait and see!

Practice Pad Playing Patterns

Try saying that header three times quickly. Anyway, if you’ve any comments on OD Sketchbooks please let us know in the comments, as this is an exciting concept for me and I want to make sure I do it right. You guys know what’s right.

  • Ayden Graham

    this is awesome Chris! you’re doing some really practical stuff and I know people will benefit. my only critique of the sounds from when I played with them is there was no velocity sensitivity, which I do know how to change, but it would be nice to have that liittle bit of breathing room for the human touch. ;)

    • Chris

      Thanks Ayden! Duly noted – we’ll look into how best to get immediacy and subtlety to meet in the middle for future releases. Whether this is additional sounds in velocity layers or simple volume adjustment, a sensitivity dial or an on/off switch, etc, will be something we’ll look into – and as always listen to the community!

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