Reason Combinator Tutorial – Rhythmic Sound Module

More Combinator advice here with how we created Seasoning Lite – advanced Reason Combinator Tutorial ahead!

We created Seasoning Lite with the ability to drop rhythmic percussion over the top of a flat kick and snare pattern but not have to simply use loops, instead be able to manipulate the rhythm on the fly and never have to worry about things getting stale and repetitive.

Reason Combinator Tutorial

The concept is simple and the implementation is pretty simple as long as you understand what’s going on – just watch the video below, download Seasoning Lite, and follow along!

Want More? Ask!

We don’t expect this to be everyone’s idea of a fun evening, and we’re refining this technique all the time to be even more powerful and useful. We’re planning to release some premium refills soon with plenty of these cool combinators that will allow you to keep things your own but not have to do any tedious prep work: the focus with music making should be on the music making, not the boring technical parts! Let us know in the comments below what you’d want to see in a premium refill, how much you’d like to buy them for, and what kind of genres you’re most interested in – we’ll do the rest!

  • Christopher James Austin

    Loved this video! not something i would use just because i like a more direct control on my drums but i would LOVE to see what you were talking about with having the combinator affect the bassline parameters. that just sounds SEXY! btw where the hell am i supposed to get OhDrat merch? i want one of those shirts bro?

    • Chris


      Sorry for the late reply Chris! We’re really tinkering behind the scenes with our entire concept, and as I said the full versions of our packs will be for sale (we’re desperately trying to figure out how to get something fair back from OD so I can keep us going) – but there’ll be some kind of freebie when we start selling, that’s a promise.

      If the demand’s there for OD merchandise then it’s something we’d LOVE to do – I have some cool designs for screenprints above and beyond the good old logo stuff but whatever your tipple, I want to provide – leave it with me!

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