Beat Battles – An Incentive to Improvement?

Battles, competitions, clashes… whatever you call them, are they a good thing?

The quest to find your own sound and style can so often bring out the introvert in us (erm… please disregard the preceding oxymoron), but sometimes having a bit of a push to perform can help us to dig that little bit deeper. Can’t it? Here’s a look at one of my current favourites: Don’t Flop, the UK’s biggest and most active rap battle league.

Compare that to DMC Online, where the battling’s done over the internet (with the finals underway now, OD favourite Jon1st made it through with this routine recorded at the OD Studio!).

There’s form for beat battles, of course – King of the Beats for one, and the now defunct Red Bull Producer Battles for another. Any more you guys know about?

Speak up!

Could a beat battle – or beat battles – flourish? Would it push you to do new things? Let us know what you think about the idea of battling:

  • What format should they be in – video, audio only… some kind of weird hybrid?
  • What’s the objective – techniques, themes… how’s it judged?
  • What are you battling for? Prizes, honour… is something at stake?
  • How long, how often, one on one, groups… what’s the structure?

We want your opinions! Let us know in the comments below, and who knows – maybe something will grow out of it all! 

  • dizazta

    I would be down for battles, but some kind of performance element would be dop like a video or something. I don’t want it judged by friends votes tho that shit’s wack as fuck.

  • BlitzBeats

    Yo if u guys can hook up some sponsorship i would totally be down to roll, u dun gettin it cracking right now!

  • Stanky

    I posted here yesterday and it told me there was a reply and now there’s only 1 comment… Wtf?

    I would battle tho, just need some prizes ideally!

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